The Wrinkly Rams.

Sheep Show

The Wrinkly Rams Shearing show is an exciting and informative addition to any itinerary.  If you are planning a trip south to Queenstown or if you are traveling from the Queenstown and Lakes District of Central Otago, all roads lead to Omarama and The Wrinkly Rams. 

An experienced shearer deftly shears the wool from the sheep.


The show takes 30 minutes from the beginning to the end with plentiful action and fun to be had for people of all ages and nationalities.  Your show experience starts with a fantastic 5.1 surround sound Audio-visual experience filmed on a neighbouring High Country Station.

The audio visual stimulates your mind's eye, as it transports you through the different stages of the processing of wool, from the sheep's back, to your back.


After this exciting and informative introduction, a live merino sheep will be shorn on stage by our professional shearer, who will provide you with further insight into the shearing process and the many fascinating facets of the Shearer.

There are lots of opportunities to ask questions and take photos.The Merino sheep will transform in front of your eyes from a woolly sheep to a shorn sheep using both modern and traditional methods of shearing.

There are lots of opportunities to ask questions and take photos during this stage of the show and for audience members to come up and and touch the sheep and feel the fine Merino wool that is produced.

Our Border Collie heading dog working her magic on a mob of Merino sheep.



The third part of the show is our dog trial, which is held outside the building on our farmland.  Watch as our Border Collie heading dog works her magic and brings a mob of sheep together from out on the farm and gets them to go into a special pen, all by using her eyes.

This is all live and unstaged - there is no knowing what the sheep are going to do, and it is a fun aspect of farm life to watch and enjoy.


Our working dog takes a dip to cool off.


Showtimes vary throughout the day, please call us to check when our next show starts or to make a group booking.



$25.00 per Adult
Children (under 16) $12.50
Children under 5 free
Family (2 adults, 2 children) $60.00

There are multi lingual staff on site to assist with language and help to add to your enjoyment of the show.

Don't forget to bring your camera and you will have a fantastic time. There is plenty of time after the show to mingle with the friendly farmyard animals or enjoy the majestic scenery from the Cafeteria and Wine bar.